Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Education

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing money, like the Internet revolutionized communications. Just as the Internet is much more than social networks, cryptocurrencies are much more than money.
Daniel Rojas
Cryptocurrency Educator and Consultant

At CryptoReds, we believe education is the most effective tool to get the most out of cryptocurrencies, protect your investment against adversaries and personal mismanagement.


Interview at Repretel

You can now find merchants who accept Bitcoin as a means of payment in Costa Rica, as well as a cryptocurrency ATM

May 2019

El Financiero

Discussing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on an interview with El Financiero and Roberto Ponce, Invermaster

December 2017

Facebook Libra - Repretel

Learn the latest about Libra, Facebook’s new cryptocurrency.

June, 2019


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Daniel Rojas is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies educator and consultant. His cryptocurrency experience includes crypto-mining, writing articles, lectures, workshops and courses at his virtual school, CryptoReds. He is one of the founders of the Bitcoin Community at Costa Rica. He is on a mission to boost the adoption of cryptocurrencies through education and useful applications, offering freedom to its users.